INTRODUCTION also offers services for companies. Our customers are well-known Finnish bakeries, caterers, restaurants, baking bloggers, and business name bakers who have chosen us as their cake photo supplier. We operate worldwide in our Amazon online store, domestically our operations and services cover the entire country up to the northernmost regions. Our cake photos have been celebrated with the northern lights bursting in the northernmost locations at various corporate events and parties.


Our specialty is affordable pricing without compromising speed and top quality. Our products and services bring added value to your company and clear savings when you can focus on your own activities and leave the graphic implementation, production and related hardware maintenance to us.
Customer feedback:

 We printed cake pictures ourselves for years, printing was a constant struggle with equipment and materials. By becoming a customer of, our operations have grown and become more efficient because cakes and decorations no longer bind people to take care of the equipment and learn graphic processing. 


By becoming our business customer, you get flexible and fast deliveries and competitive prices. You can also pick up the orders from us, for example, immediately after placing the order, and if necessary, we have comprehensive agreements with various logistics operators, which help us get the orders there very quickly, for example, the very next weekday morning. As our customer, you also have access to more than 100,000 of our licensed images, and we can always offer a graphic look for a suitable theme, celebration or time of day.


As a retailer, you have at your disposal the largest selection of cake pictures available in Finland, as well as the - Cake picture from your own picture product with which your customers can make a cake picture from their own picture by contacting you directly. We have license images of the domestic offer, e.g. Moomin Characters™, Ti-Ti Nalle, Pikku Kakkonen and much more. Our production is constantly working hard so that the selection is constantly expanding.


For more information about corporate customers, contact our sales using the contact form or call us on 09 3158 2267 (10:00 - 16:00)