Q: How I can use cake topper?

A: Detailed instructions can be found from here: Cake topper handling instructions 

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: All the orders are produced in the same day when order is received. Orders placed before 16:00 local time will be sent in same day, final delivery time is relying on post office. Usually delivery is seccond work day of order date (In Finland). In capital area it is possible to have our Express Delivery. Our Express Delivery is bringing picture to you minimum in 2 hours. Our Express Delivery is available on following cities and provinces : HELSINKI, ESPOO, VANTAA, KAUNIAINEN, JÄRVENPÄÄ, KERAVA, TUUSULA, HYVINKÄÄ, JOKELA, KIRKKONUMMI, NURMIJÄRVI. 

Q: Which shipping method I should choose?

A: We have many shipping methods available to ensure that your cake topper arrives safely and fast. Regular 1. class letter arrives in 1-3 work days in normal envelope. If your area has cold freezing weather, we recommend to choose delivery in carton box or in carton envelope. Frozen cake topper is still usable, just let it warm up and use normally. If cake topper cracks in pieces, you can connect pieces on top of cake and joins shouldn't be visible.

Q: Can I have round cake topper and what is the diameter?

A: It is possible to make a round cake picture from almost every picture. Remember that when making  a round picture, it is possible that something from edge areas will be cut away! Remember that you can have any shape from us, it can be shape of banana, star, moon or what ever you want!  NOTICE!  In a round picture, maximum diameter is shortest side of A5-A3 paper. F.e A5 size paper maximum diameter is  about.14.8cm and  A4 size paper diameter is abut  21cm, A3 size paper maximum diameter is about 29.7cm.

Q: There's stripes on my cake topper

A: Sometimes rarely there might appear nearly invisible stripes on the picture. These stripes are from printer's mechanism which is pulling paper out from the printer. In most of the cases these stripes will disappear when picture is on cake. 

Q: I didn't find my favorite cake topper from from your catalog what I'm looking for?

A: In our catalog we have selection of lisenced pictures. If you didn't find what you're looking from our catalog, you can always send a picture to be printed. A private person is allowed to use also pictures from net for private use.

Q: K-18 category doesn't have any pictures?

A: Our website is for all the age visitors. We do not add any adult material on our website. We have been printing more adult related material as well. All the orders are handled confidentally and all the sent photos are removed automatically by our system in 1 week after placing th order.

Q: How long cake topper is still usable? 

A: In a packaging where we are sending product, cake topper stays good for 1-2 years. See the package for the last usage date.

Q: I did not receive an email after placing the order

A: Sometimes spam filters are moving our automatically generated emails to SPAM folder. If you are not receiving order confirmation email in 5 minutes after placing the order, please contact to our customer service at asiakaspalvelu(at)kakkupaperi.fi

Q: I have a photo but I don't have scanner, how I can have cake picture?

A: You can always send photo to us : Kakkupaperi.fi Pakkalankuja 6, 01510 VANTAA FINLAND, we can picture and send it back to you with a cake picture. We have printed a lot pictures taken from another picture by mobile phone and quality has been very good as well.

Q: Does cake topper fit on cheese cake?

A: Yes it does, you can use our vanilla paper to cheese cake as well. If cake is a bit dry, you can try to moisture it slight from the surface. Be carefuly while playing with liquids and cake pictures. Ensure that no liquids is dropped on top of the picture or colors might get blur!