Kakkupaperi.fi – Environmental information 

Kakkupaperi.fi follows carefully all enviromental regulations and laws to protect the nature. All our production waste is sorted and recycled. 

Materials used are sertified and only for edible production purposes suitable. All our packing and shipping materials are recycleable and some of those are made from recycled materials.

Our materials are fullfilling regulations set by EU:

European parliament regulation (EY) No 1935/2004, issued 27.10.2004,

materials used and contacted by edible products

•Comission regulation (EY) No 2023/2006, issued 22.12.2006, good values used for producing

edible products and materials.

• Comission regulation (EY) No 10/2011, issued 14.1.2011 (latest change at 5.2.2015)

materials used and contacted by edible products