Kakkupaperi.fi is webshop produced by MAKE Solutions and fully in Finnish ownership. We want that your unique moment of life is immemorial and that's why we have brought high quality products available to everyone to ensure  that we can quarantee successful parties and celebration to our customers.

We have read stories when people have ordered a cake picture from the internet, there's been colors got blurred and other quality issues such breaking cake picture material and so on. Our main product vanilla paper is strong and slightly vanilla flavor. Picture on our cake pictures is very sharp and colorful. We recommend waffle paper to salty cakes. With sugar paper you can make incredible decorated fancy cakes. With Choco transfer sheet you can transfer the picture to top of the choclade, meringue, marzipan or with a little training on any flat surface!

We are producing all types of cake pictures and edible decorations, only limit is your imagination! Edible cake picture is an excellent way to surprise your friends! We offer you the most high quality edible cake pictures and decorations for the reasonable price!  You can use our products to cakes, cookies and cupcakes. We can offer you the most professional photo editing service if you want specialities on your pictures! Name and any other free text is free of charge! Our materials are high quality which is shown as a result. 

It has never been easier to order a cake picture from internet!